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“It is innovative and patiently original alt-rock, with mood-altering streams of ambience, surfacing synths, and psych-folk-ballad tints.” – Randy Radic 

“Kazyak defines chill with ‘Reflection’. The album has such purpose that a listener is practically forced to close their eyes and fade away into euphoria, allowing listeners to get lost in the moment.” – Jason DeMoe

Song of the Day (First Do No Harm) 11/2/2018 + Friday Five (Belmonte) 10/26/2018 – 89.3 the Current 

“Imagination is heard throughout, with a touch of retro prog, ala Pink Floyd, Kazyak achieves their goal of extending the boundaries of musical reach. Frey has a clear eyed way of writing about complicated emotions that’s, likewise, capable enough to use imagery in an understandable way.” – Mindy McCall 

“There’s no question the songs share an over-arching consistency despite exploring wildly different styles. The uniting element is their daring. Kazyak excels at fundamentals, but they use that bedrock musical command to marry seemingly disparate styles into a cohesive whole.” – Markus Druery 

“Kazyak recasts time-honored sounds in striking new ways, finding uses for folk song conventions you haven’t dreamed of. It’s jagged and distorted guitar, a strong presence of synthesizer, and a tender vocal lead, all with an acoustic tilt.” – John McCall 

“The precision of Frey’s writing has reached a new height. The songs, despite centering on the personal, reach out for the world. They are studies in musical contrast, in restraint, in deep phrasing that few others on the indie scene can match. Aptly titled, Reflection ultimately succeeds in reframing the influences the members pulled from their dads’ record collections.” – Jodi Marxbury  

“Wildly expansive, trippy and dreamlike but also gritty and grounded. They’re not just pushing the envelope of indie music, they’re tearing it up before it gets to the mailbox for safe delivery.” – Jonathan Widran 

“There’s everything on this album for fans of serious songwriting. Kazyak is a musical project that has simmered and guitarist/songwriter Peter Frey is just as talented lyrically as he is musically. The music has a cumulative effect, takes swings at firing your musical imagination, and brings strands together without jarring listeners. The songs never reveal all their cards straight out of the chute but contain countless bold flourishes, with stunning bass and synthesizer.” – Michael Stover

“An album with an immense beating heart and humanity present in every song. Frey captures all the regret, shaky hope, restitution, and abiding love we have for those we have lost due to our own follies and insecurities.” – Sebastian Cole 

“The band offers a stylistic grab bag, drawing inspiration from far-reaching influences, with sturdy footing. There’s a bit of Gillian Welch and a bit of John Lennon, threaded through with lyrical abstraction and haunting harmonies. The music is psychedelic, surreal, and woozy, like 60s rock and 70s folks at once. It is easy to fall into the dazed world of the lyrics, to imagine walking through a mirage-filled desert.” – Mariel Fechik

“Each song is more of a chapter on a surreal journey and no matter what this band explores there is a sense of belonging.” – Andrew Duncan, Selective Memory 

“Unquestionably impressed by the completeness of the band’s musical vision and how it leaves no base uncovered in its search for a definitive personal and collective statement. Few albums in 2018 impress me as much as this.” – Mark Druery 

No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

16 Nov 2018 Minneapolis, MN Icehouse Icehouse
26 Oct 2018 Minneapolis, MN 7th St Entry 7th St Entry
12 Oct 2018 St. Paul, MN Can Can Wonderland Can Can Wonderland
02 Mar 2018 Minneapolis, MN Aster Cafe Aster Cafe
16 Dec 2017 St. Paul, MN O'Gara's Bar and Grill O'Gara's Bar and Grill
16 Sep 2017 Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry 7th Street Entry
24 Aug 2017 Minneapolis, MN The Kitty Kat Club The Kitty Kat Club
27 Jul 2017 Minneapolis, MN Aster Cafe Aster Cafe

Twin Cities-band Kazyak is the indie craft-vehicle of songwriter/guitarist Peter Frey. For the past half decade Kazyak has been a studio project, recording 2 EPs and 2 LPs (1 unreleased) in NE Minneapolis, and is now actively booking shows in the Twin Cities. The current band is: Peter Frey (guitar), Andy Wolfe (guitar), Pat Hayes (synth, piano), Tyler Safranek (bass), and Nick Grewe (drums).


Kazyak practices experimentation and finds it’s source in a deep pool of midwestern music. The band draws on the abstract side of Bob Dylan’s songwriting and lofty sonic architecture from the likes of 12 Rods, Fat Kid Wednesdays, Tiki Obmar, and Halloween, Alaska. The group spits it all back out in their own way: warm nylon-string guitar blended around an expressive falsetto, electronic drum sequences layered beneath a Ludwig kit, and acoustic banjo processed through circuit-bent guitar pedals.

All Kazyak songs are primarily folk songs, brought to life in the studio and on stage. The sound is grounded in authentic sentiment that is infectious, warm and overflowing; and the music has the feeling of being both through-composed and improvised. The band has shared the stage with many, including LA indie rockers the Local Natives and Duluth-based Trampled by Turtles, and continues to collaborate closely with Minneapolis-based engineer/drummer Brett Bullion.

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